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Our Lunchtime Rules 2 - Choose up to six of our rules Full Details...

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Our Lunchtime Rules 2 - Choose up to six of our rules or use your own!

Select the rules below.

  • 75cm x 60cm sign supplied with fixing pack and colour co-ordinated screw caps
  • Two board types available - Superior Aluminium Composite or Standard Foamboard
  • Fully weatherproof & fade resistant with specialist dry/wipe laminate finish. Washable.
  • Ideal for dining rooms/halls

To choose your rules please enter the rule number in the text box below or add your text for rules

  1. We wash our hands before eating
  2. We use good table manners
  3. We do not speak when our mouth is full
  4. We do not speak with food in our mouth
  5. We eat first and play later
  6. We talk quietly
  7. We do not share our food
  8. We clear up after ourself
  9. We queue quietly and sensibly
  10. We use our knife and fork
  11. We use our cutlery to eat with
  12. We put our rubbish in the bin
  13. We chew our food slowly and properly
  14. We do not play at the table
  15. We only leave with the permission of an adult
  16. We do not play with our food
  17. We eat nicely with our mouth closed
  18. We eat our savoury food before our sweet food

Please note: The images may need to be rearranged to fit your choice of text.